Windows Defender

Antimalware service executable (Windows Defender) is eating up 8% CPU on a 11900k processor when Nuendo is running. I already set the VST folders and the Steinberg folder to excluded from scans. This is a new build and I’m trying to get the most out of it. Any tips for adding to the exclusions?

I don’t think that this will affect it that much…

My system is new (1 week) as well and I had the feeling that it was slow at the beginning, but after a while Windows Defender scanned the whole system and is now at 0,2%…
Just give it the time to do it’s work…

If it doesn’t get lower after some days, I would search again for a solution…

Add all Steinberg folders to exclusions
This includes vst plugins, sb appdata etc.
Add your DAW recording / project drive (if it is separate)
Add WAV AIFF file types and others you use
Add NPR CPR file types Etc
Also any other DAW related stuff.

It does make a considerable difference in ongoing operation. However, scans still happen and sometimes take time (and cpu).

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Thanks for the tips. I had added most of those before but maybe after the system does a couple full scans it might settle down a bit.