Windows don't open where they were left

There’s a problem with the new windows management. Althoug they are now all floating windows, and you can span them in multiple screens, after you close the project, and then reopen it, all windows appear in the main screen, all behind each other, and you have to place them again in their respectives screens manually. The new Cubase Pro 8 does not memorizes the placement of the windows. Tried to create my own windows managemente and to update Cubase 8 own windows, but it’s always the same. Only the “native” windows placements works. All the others always appear centered in your main screen and you have to place them by hand… Please Steinberg fix this really, really fast, it’s a very annoying bug… :frowning:

Have you tried saving your windows placements in a Global Workspace? Then you can recall the position easily with a keypress (alt + numpad 1, numpad 2, etc.) There are two kinds of workspaces: Global (in all projects) and Project (in current project). Takes a few minutes to set up, saves hours!

Yes, done that. Global and project. None of them save the position of the windows. I suppose it’s a bug in the graphic interface, it seems that there are a few issues in the UI. i’ll be waiting for an update from SB, really soon. Also Kontakt 5 crashes the DAW… another update… and i’ve tried all “tricks” told in the various foruns…