windows experts: Aged Plug Voice Machine

I’d like to install this ancient plugin on my windows 7 x64 maschine and give it another shot again.

I tried to run the installer off the CD, which failed due to wrong windows versions.
I tried copying the installer to the local HD, put it into XP compatibility mode and ran it from there. Wrong windows version.
I’ve got no older PCs running XP x86.

So, what are my options to get the plugins licensed into my VST folder?

I don’t really know of this plugin, but perhaps if you look at the installation files you might just find the .dll file?

Alternatively, I have an XP machine fully up and running, perhaps if I installed it and then sent you the .dll file that might work?

Or, even, perhaps you could set up the XP virtual machine - not an expert in this but I believe that you may be able to run XP within Win7 and therefore do the installation to the VSTPlugins folder from there…

Or maybe there’s a similar replacement? Freeware perhaps? Steinberg built-in pitch shifter?



I installed ms Virtual pc and xp-Mode and with this vpc I installed voice machine and send me an email with the dlls.
On the win7 pc I copied the dlls to my plugin path but I cannot instantiate them, due to license failure.

I even copied reg keys from the vpc to the w7 machine but it did not work… Bummer :frowning:

It’s the voice machine installer which doesn’t run on w7 x64. The dlls seem to run fine, when they recognize a missing license…

So, any way to make the installer run on w7 x64???

Well, nope, can’t think of anything else, seems like you’ve tried it all :frowning:

Petition Steinberg to update their old plugins for x64 I’d say!!

It seems strange to me that many manufacturers just drop old plugins (and old versions plugins of too) but I seriously think they’re missing a money-making opportunity because even if they’re old doesn’t mean to say people won’t still buy them and they won’t still sound great in the mix!