Windows Fall Creators Update - FORCED on US......

Seems that the new Windows Fall Creators Update is being forced on us, at least it is for me. Anybody running this with Cubase Pro 9 or Pro 9.5? Hows is running? Any issues?

Is it officially supported by Steinberg?

My recording studio computer is not usually connected to the internet except for doing updates. I’m afraid of connecting it because of this MAJOR update. My home computer was basically forced to get this update. I can’t tell yet if it runs more efficient or takes up more power (or does it runs the same?) Any feedback would be helpful and great…



For me, I have to say CB9.5 is running better on Fall Creators Update than on previous versions. Nothing to fear. It’s good.

I understand your dislike of forced updates - me too - but in this case the update seems fine.

There is always a chance that something goes wrong with an OS update.
But it really just takes a HD image program and a little time to be safe.
I have had zero issues, but there are always some that are not that lucky, really depends on your system.
With a USB3 drive it takes me 15min. to clone the system drive, and I feel a lot safer.

Thanks for the info. Does it seem to run leaner? It does it seem to use more computer power?

I doubt there is any difference in performance, I haven’t measured DPC latency so I can not be sure.

If it’s really a problem for you see if you can get a license to run the long term servicing branch version of Windows (LTSB). I switched to that last year and it’s been terrific. You only get security updates, no feature updates and it doesn’t have any of those wonderful “features” of regular Windows 10 like Cortana, Soda Crush, telemetry, etc.

I think it runs just fine without authorization if you don’t have access to an Enterprise volume license. In terms of performance I did not notice any differences between that and standard Win 10 Fall Creators update, it’s just clean and simple with nothing that gets in your way.