Windows folders question

I’m using Windows 7. Is there a quick easy way to play around with the directory structure on a storage drive? I’ve got half all my Cubase project folders inside 3 folders on one drive, and all my other Cubase project folders on another drive… and I want to just have all the project folders visible on the same drive. Can this be done without a bunch of time-consuming copy-n-paste?

If you mean for them to show up in Windows as one “location”, the “libraries” feature is nice for this. You can add multiple, different locations to the “library” and it will show them all as though they were in that “folder”. You probably have a default “library” for Music, Photos, Videos. I created a new library for “Cubase Projects”. In the explorer, go to your libraries, right click and select “new library”. Then when you open that library you can add folders, or “locations” to the library.


I’ll take a close look at that – thanks!

If you just want them visible in the same location, just use shortcuts.