Windows getting stuck (on Windows)

I haven’t found a reliable way of reproducing this for a bug report, so I thought I’d ask if anyone else has encountered this. Basically the way I’ve set up my workflow in C8 is to use Ctrl-Tab to switch between maximized Arrange and Key Editor windows, so I avoid the broken white flash of a new window.

But even that doesn’t work currently, because the windows just get randomly stuck doing this. Ctrl-Tab doesn’t work anymore and the window doesn’t accept input. The only thing I’ve found is that some amount of random Alt-Tabbing to other programs unlocks the windows.

I suspect this has something to do with the title bar kludge they have done in Windows, because when this happens sometimes the title bar actually ends up on top of the current window, not part of it, even though it remains maximized.

Anyone else with similar experience? Any repro steps to try?

By the way these are the kind of problems I said on day 1 of the C8 release we would be seeing for a long time, because the GUI design is not just non-standard, it actively hacks around fundamental Windows UI elements. Considering all the other issues (offset etc.) that are related to it, isn’t it time already to admit a design mistake and go back to regular (not MDI) windows?