Windows handling system -- Cubase goes behind other winows

Am I the only one with this issue? Take some random dialog like what I just used which is the key command dialog. When I’m done with it I hit OK and BOOM … Cubase is gone! :scream: No, wait, it’s still there but it’s behind the next program in the stack of windows programs or something like that so I can bring it to front by [Alt][Tab]-ing. Sometimes it takes a good while for me to have the need for any of those dialogs so I kind of forget and then it’s :scream: all over again. Sometimes it’s a total disappearance tsunami ruining the user experience.

It’s been like this for the last few versions which means a few YEARS. Towards the end of a version cycle I’m kind of used to it or numb to it is probably a better phrasing. So now I start to get annoyed with it again in C11 when I realize it’s not been fixed. Is this very hard to fix or something? And, yeah, am I the only one? Can we have this silly behavior removed, PLEASE?

The cubase windows handling system is full of these quirks and annoyances. Will it ever get fixed…who knows !

So in answer to your question - you are not the only one with these kind of issues.

to commiserate, also see this thread: Cubase Pro 11 loses focus on Windows 10 (old bug still not fixed?)

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As that other thread says, it’s been going on since cubase went to it’s current windowing system - probably 12 years ago.

I’ve got so used to it that it doesn’t bother me too much anymore - although I can see how others might be irritated by it…actually I’m irritated by it too !

I’m going to guess that this windowing system is so ingrained in the Cubase code that it’s essentially impossible to change. I do remember, a long time ago, a SB employee trying to justify it as ‘normal’.

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Oh, wow! It’s part of that horrible move that made Cubase on PC look and behave like a cheap port from Mac??? Total stinker! And don’t get me wrong. What works on Mac is what works on Mac and not part of the problem. There are pros and cons of both platforms. But porting one program from one to the other platform and just make the most minimal effort to make it land well in the new environment is not good enough. And maybe some programmers worked their butts off and thank
you very much for the hard work, you’re not part of that problem. Someone made the decisions that the "porting " … or whatever it was, was good enough.

Why do I think it looks and feels like a cheap port? All the windows behaviors disappeared, you could no longer tab your way through dialog boxes with the TAB key, you were all of a sudden forced to mouse around. There were issues with the Cubase desk top, which I by pure chance found among the Key Commands YESTERDAY haha, so now Cubase has a proper background when I close a file and it doesn’t look like a tape strip with a menu on it hiding somewhere in the background one open programs. There are more things that got lost in that transition but it’s a long time so we get used to these sub par command procedures. That was a horrible decision for people used to the PC paradigm and workflow, having to hit the breaks and use the mouse for everything.

So that’s what we’re dealing with? Now what?


it wasn’t ported from the mac - or even copied from it - and whilst I agree it can be frustrating and I’m really not trying to denigrate anybody’s views, I think it’s important to have some perspective on this.

Some of the windows behaviour is non-standard but it’s not unusable.

In the very, very long lists of feature requests and annoyances that get posted on this forum (and boy there are a lot of them!) - the windows handling is way down the bottom - so it seems most would settle for it and consider improvements and additions in other areas to be more important.

Incidentally @HowlingUlf, on a more positive note, did you see this post from SB

why not put in a proper feature request and ask people to vote for it ? :+1:


I’m also a annoyed by this (and other) weird Cubase windowing behaviour, but it’s also rather far down my personal wishlist of fixes and improvements.

There’s just one more nasty scenario, that I’ve encountered with (very few) plugins (most likely when a plugin itself opens a secondary window ):

A secondary plugin window may end up open in front of a mandatory Cubase dialog box, like when quitting Cubase and the dialog box asks you to Save, Don’t Save, or Cancel. When that happens you’re truly stuck, since that secondary plugin window prevents any keystrokes from getting to the Cubase dialog box. But you can’t close the offending plugin window via keystroke or mouse movement either.

However, there’s a workaround: Have an external midi controller button programmed via the Generic Remote to send the command (Close All Plugin Windows). That still works, and thus uncovers the Cubase dialog box.


No, you are not.

I find it annoying to… hope they fix this in a next release…

Hi all, one of our teams is currently working on the windows handling issues. We are hoping to provide a solution with the next update.


In three months??

I can’t tell. The schedule is not fixed yet.

ok. Thanks Matthias

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