Windows install program not working

After the Steinberg download manager repeatedly did not work, I tried the Dorico Windows installer without the download manager option.

So I started the 170 MB installer program Steinberg_Download_Assistant_for_Dorico_Installer_win.exe and left the download manager checkbox unchecked:

But the install program instead again installed the same download manager as before which does not work. So what are the 170 MB in the install program for? And what is the checkbox in the installer window for if it creates the same result unchecked or not?

Hasn’t the install program been tested before the release of Dorico?

Windows 7 x64 SP1

Is there a firewall setting on your computer preventing SDA from working?

You can download the Windows build directly using the link I posted in this thread.

SDA is our standard installation helper, used not only by Dorico but also by other products for some time now (including the Absolute VST Collection). It certainly has been tested, not only by our internal QA people but also by thousands of customers over the past years.

I have started downloading the Windows build from your link. The download will take some time.

I know aria2 is a program which works well. My question wasn’t about aria2 in general but whether this exact configuration of download manager with aria2 with Dorico has been tested. aria2c.exe is a commandline program which needs arguments when started by the download manager. I didn’t see any arguments with aria2c.exe in my task-manager.

See usage examples here:

Can you please indicate which arguments (parameters) should be passed to aria2c.exe, so users could start aria2c.exe with these parameters and see if it works that way?

PS: I have explicitly allowed the download manager in my Windows firewall settings but it still did not work.

Following up on this with some information from one of the engineers in the team responsible for SDA:

There are no aria2c.exe command line arguments. In case of the SDA, aria2c is loaded as a system-service and all communication is done via RPC. You could use Aria2 to download the link, but this should not be the way to go.

Instead, you should install aria2 along with SDA and check if it is installed correctly. To do this, click on the “Steinberg Download Assistant” Logo on the top left and look for the line “Download Manager:”. If it says “aria2” everything should be fine.

If you don’t use aria2 and you leave the checkbox in the installer unchecked, you will get the same (bad) experience as you would if you download Dorico via your web browser. This is the result of the “no-aria2-fallback” in the SDA, in which everything is redirected to the internal system-default web browser.

Hi Daniel,

I also have a problem with your “Steinberg Download Assistant”.

I runs just fine…but it does not display my products to download. :open_mouth:

Pic attached. And yes, I have activated Dorico with the “eLicenser Control Center”

Any advice? :slight_smile:

Best Regards
Hans Nel

Are you running a Windows Insider build of Windows 10? If so, that is probably the explanation for why SDA shows no downloads.

Oooook Daniel…then any ideas how I can download Dorico because I used another downloader, but it says your server do not support “Resume Download” and at about 40% the download crashes. The downloader reports “Download data got corrupted”.

Hans :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel, I have three different downloaders on my system and they all work just fine. Maybe aria2 does not stay current as those boys who coded for Windows 10 inder. This limits your clients from using aria2 for there are millions of insiders.

OK, then I guess I will try my downloader again. Is there a possibility of allowing your download server to accept “resume” capability?

Thank you my friend! :slight_smile:

For the time being I suggest you download the necessary installer using your browser. I posted the links here.

Love you Daniel!

Thanks a lot!