Windows Key as modifier or shortcut?

I am trying out Cubase on Windows and was able to bring over my prefs without a problem, but I am wondering about this- it looks like the Windows key does not work as a shortcut in Cubase. It simply behaves as it always does in Windows.

My Key Commands that use the Mac Command key are listed as using the “Meta” key.

So my question is, is there a way to use the Windows key in Cubase, or does the PC side have one less modifier key available to it?

I think that the Windows key has been reserved for OS command and access, so I think you will have to make do with key combinations using only three modifier keys.

Ah. Thanks.

The Windows key is not supposed to act as a modifier. It brings up the start menu in Win 7 or the start page in Win 8.

Apple key = CTRL, in 90% of the cases. If not, try ALT.

I know. That is why I asked if there is a way around this. As in a low level way to remap the windows key to send something different.

I loaded my Mac Key Commands.xml into the Windows Cubase install. Windows Cubase lists the key commands with Control as ctrl, option as alt, shift as shift, and Command as “Meta” key, which makes me think there is a way to do this- have four modifiers, so I don’t have to change my shortcut logic scheme.

For example some Windows keyboards have an Application key. Can that be used in key commands and as a modifier?

Yes, but you’ll have to reconfigure the keyboard.

One thing I’m not sure of is if the above works with a non-Microsoft keyboard. If it doesn’t, Logitech and other companies have similar macro applications that work with their own keyboards, usually free.

Did you ever find a solution? Were you able to map another modifier key in windows? I am faced with the exact same problem and looking for a solution. Just migrated over from Mac to Windows 10. Imported all my presets and settings, and hoping I don’t have to get rid a lot of my key commands because of the “meta” key.

Ooops I see this is from 7 years ago. Oh well. Still looking for a solution.