Windows key commands on OSX Cubase?


I have got a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse connected to my MacBook with OSX lion.
Everything works fine but because there’s no command key on a windows keyboard I can not use the cubase key commands wich use this key…

Is it possible to edit the command key shortcuts to shift key or other key so I can use my windows keyboard?
Thank you.

The ‘command’ modifier key on Mac is equivalent to the ‘control’ modifier key in Windows, but whether the MS keyboard on a Mac translates ‘control’ to ‘command’, I don’t know…

No it does not… But I was wondering if I can setup this key command in cubase?

Go to the Keyboard preference pane and in the Keyboard tab click the Modifier Keys shortcut. There you can fiddle with which key is which.

You mean in OSX or in Cubase 6.5? Were can I find this exactly?

OS X System Preferences

Your welcome.