Windows: Keyboard Accelerator for Menu Bar does not work

I thought this has been already reported, but didn’t find a hit from search… posting nonetheless.
Sorry if this is a duplicated report.

Start Cubase 8.0.5 on Windows OS.
Hit Alt + “F”. (while holding the Alt key, hit the “F” key)
“File” menu opens.
Actual result:
Nothing occurs.

It seems the new windowing model does not support the menu accelerators at all.
This is not conformant to the Windows standard UI. Also Accessibility is compromised.
Clear regression from all existing Cubase up to 7.5.
Please fix.



this is not a bug. Cubase has never supported those functions.


Sorry but it’s not quite convincing, as it is a Windows standard UI, and Cubase upto 7.5 has been a good Windows citizen and the Menu Bar accelerators have worked.

Take this as an example, a screen shot from Cubase 7.5 (see attached pic).
As observed, each menu bar item has a cue, the underscore to a menu character. Alt key + accelerator key invokes the corresponding menu. (you can hit the Alt key to show them. Or permanently enable them from Ease of Access control panel)

This is a Windows Standard UI, you could get it for free as long as an app uses the standard menu bar.
Now that C8 may have adopted its own menu bar, that’s some piece of the code must be written, or come up with a way to work nicely with the Windows OS.

This (being a good Windows citizen) has been one of the competitive advantages I’ve been finding in Cubase. I’m pretty sad to see it’s going.

I really hope Cubase still being a good Windows citizen, but in the worst case, please have key commands to open up each menu item.



If we look at major Windows apps that are known having good usability, we notice that those apps behave quite nicely with the keyboard. Including the menu bar shortcuts.
Since almost the day one of the Windows OS, it’s designed all operations can be driven by the keyboard only. And it is recommended that the apps follow the same.

Beside the accessibility, the keyboard operations are fast, handy, and quite useful for experienced users. In other words, if a user gets used to the application more, use of the keyboard-driven operation extremely helps to get things done very quickly. And that’s probably why Cubase has been so rich in n the keyboard shortcuts, and so flexible to assign and arrange the shortcuts to fit each user’s workflow.

Now, it doesn’t quite make sense this continued workflow improvements drop the menu bar shortcuts.
This has negative impact on the workflow. (beside it’s a regression from previous releases)

PLEASE reconsider this. If it is somehow difficult to implement due to the new windowing model, at least please have key commands to open up each menu bar item; this would let us assign the menus to the keys.