Windows logging

On the Mac if I run the editor on my plugin everything the plugin writes to stdout appear on the command line.

On Windows 10, if I run the validator then I see the output. But if I run the editor there is no output.

And this obviously behave the same way if I start a DAW (ex: Maschine) from the command line on the Mac vs Windows (meaning on the Mac I see the output of my plugin, but not on Windows).

So I have a few questions:

  • why is the validator and the editor behaving differently (my hunch is that editor is a graphical app vs validator which is just a command line)?
  • I am not very familiar with Windows, but I also have a hunch that Windows automatically disable stdout when starting a GUI appliaction. Is there a way to bypass this behavior?
  • finally, since I am using logguru for my logging it is very easy for me to create a log file instead of using stdout. But I would like to be able to detect (for example in InitModule) how the application was started so that I don’t create a log file if it is not necessary (for example when validator.exe runs, there is no need for a log file since the output works…)


not sure the hidden diff except the fact that there are Console as subsystem and editorhost use graphic interface, but you can use our debug print for example DBPRT0… it should work