Windows maximize/restore


I usually run cubase in full screen mode with the main modal windows maximized within.
However, when I click to bring op the editor screen of a midi/audio track, my modal window is restored to 3/4 size which means I constantly have to re-maximize to restore my view.

Any idea why this might be happening?

It appeared when upgrading to 6.5 I think, and It’s still there with 7 but back in the old days it never happened.

Doesn’t happen here, on 6.5. I think that your problem comes from having opened a window which didn’t have an ‘Always on top’ state.

FWIW, and as I guess that your ‘main modal window’ is the project one, and after struggling enough with the not kept ‘Maximized’ state problem, I finally went a long time ago to the following solution :

  • I made a workspace for the project window and each editor ones (key, drum, list, score…), set as ‘Maximized’ and made an easy to reach key command for each of them. I then saved the workspaces as locked global ones, so I can use them in every project by transferring and unlocking them as ‘Local’ ones when needed.
  • I set every other often used windows (i.e. : ‘Input transformer’, ‘VST instruments’…) as ‘Always on top’
  • Just in case, I made also an ‘Y’ mnemonics key command for the ‘Windows/Maximized’ one.

This way, I have something more or less coherent with the rather messed up windows behavior of Cubase, but I admit that not everyone will use it as me.

Don’t maximize any windows - even if you hate how things look. You’d be surprised how all the window oddities/problems don’t exist when used this way.