windows media player can't burn my LE4 recorded WAV files

Last winter I recorded songs, saved as WAV files, through my Cubase LE4 and then burned them to CD, using Windows Media player. I can still burn those files to CD this year.
This year’s winter recordings can be played by Media Player, but when I go to burn them, MP says it can’t access the files…this is the error message, C00D11B1. I don’t think I did anything differently when I recorded them. I can’t understand why the Media Player can read and play the songs, but can’t burn them. I tried using the Windows Media Player help but it wasn’t helpful.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Just googled the error C00D11B1 and there’s many many hits!

If the files you are trying to convert are recorded at 44.1KHz and are 16 bit then you may have a problem with WMP.

Check the preference of the audio files and see if they are as I specified above.

This is good advice…thanks.
When I checked the bit rate of the files I still can burn…it is 705kbsp.
The files I recorded this year, and cannot burn, have been recorded at a bit rate of 1411kbsp. I don’t know how that changed… But, it seems that this must be the problem with the WMP’s inability to record the new stuff I have.
Now, can you tell me if those 1411kbsp files can be converted/changed to a 705 bit rate, or will I just have to re-record those files from scratch?
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my Cubase stuff, figuring I must have done something stupid to record the files at the higher rate.
Thanks again!

What is this “Google” animal of which you speak? :smiley:


1411kbps is 44.1Khz so that should be fine, I’d google the error and follow the advice that you find!

Split, thanks for the advice again.
I did use the ‘googanimal’ suggested after your initial reply.
The advice that I could find there was either too generic or not helpful enough for this issue.
Again, thanks for your time.

If your audio files are recorded at 44.1KHz and are 16 bit and WMP refuses to burn a CD from them then it is likely to be a WMP issue!

Thanks again.
The latest error code I get is c00d117d and there are no real answers (I did a google and windows search) out there as to what wmp is doing when ‘wmp can’t read the files’ I want to burn. Those files are mingled in the burn list with files that it will burn. I wind up getting a burned CD with 4 of the 20 files burned, and the 16 red x-ed. The only difference in the files that I can see is the bitrate (705 vs 1411) I mentioned in the first posting.
I agree that that it is a wmp problem and they offer no real help that I can find.
Thanks for your time.

are they wave files? or MP3? or what?

If wave files are they 44.1KHz and 16 bit?

1411 kBit/s = 1411000 Bit/s = 16 Bit x 44100 samples/sec x 2 Channels - (Yes the exact numbers is 1411200 Bit/s)

Smart arse :wink:

Yeah, I know, sorry…
But then you knew that too already… :wink:

These are all WAV files.
WMP can play them all, these WAV files that were recorded through the LE4 alpha studio… WMP can’t burn them all.
The ones I cannot burn, are 1411 bitrate files.
The ones I can burn, are 705 bitrate files.
I don’t know if they are 16 bit or 32 bit…I don’t know enough to be able to check that.

As Thinkingcap pointed out my oversite that “1411 kBit/s = 1411000 Bit/s = 16 Bit x 44100 samples/sec x 2 Channels - (Yes the exact numbers is 1411200 Bit/s”

you files seem to be 44.1, 16 bit and should burn to disk. I still think your WMP is being silly.

Can you try another burning program with the files?

Thanks for the suggestion.
I downloaded CDBurnerXP and burned the all of the files with which I was having trouble. The CD plays in my laptop, but does not play in the older portable CD player I have, nor does it play in my car CD player. I used a Sony CD-R disc like I always have. I’ll try a different kind of disc, but at least now I have a disc with the WAV files on them. I’ve looked at the burnerXP FAQs and forums and the indication is that I should buy a better, if not just different, grade of CD.
I really appreciate all the time and thought that has gone into everyone’s replies to my problem.

I burned a disc in CDburnerXP today that works in my CD players. yay.
I’m done with this forum…and thanks again to everyone who helped/listened/didn’t laugh too much.