Windows mess & old bugs

I am really fed up with cubase 8.5 windows jumping in front. When I close the piano roll, I get kontakt, when I hit keyboard shortcut, the console jumps over all other windows.
This has already been reported. So I was sure Steinberg would have repaired that in next update ! Nada ! I can drag & drop console channel settings, do a lot of useless new things but old bugs are still there !
Why don’t developers pay attention to old bugs before to make new features ? Make the old ones working !! Like the track loop that won’t work with more than 2 bars since years ! Since the feature appears, I think ! And even worst with several containers opened & track looped !

Please, Mr Steinberg, come here and try to listen a bit to users ! I ask something one month ago to the steinberg “support” and I don’t have any answer yet !! But in some time, they’ll ask for 300€ for a new update that keep all those ancient bugs ! I’ll certainly change DAW because of that.