Windows On Top, Color Selection

Windows 64.

  1. Is it just me… There is no minimise or maximise button on the main app window.

  2. Try selecting a colour using the palette widget.
    a. The ‘on top’ bug makes it disappear -behind- the main settings window.
    b. 3 times, when hitting enter to select a colour, I got the ‘serious error’ dialogue.

  3. Speaking of the ‘on top’ thing… the main app thing seems to suffer from Wavelab-Window-itis. If you used Wavelab 7, you know what I mean. The floating windows ‘float’ in a way that is -not- ‘Windows’. It’s like Linux. It has its own er… ‘logic’ that is disconcerting because it’s -not- Windows-ish. I sure hope it don’t persist… it makes WL7 a real pain.