Windows open when I play keyboard

Windows unexpectedly open in Cubase when I play certain keys on the MOX6 keyboard. What’s causing this behavior, and how can I disable it?

Just random windows?

What keys and what windows.

Never had that happen in the years I owned a mox6 or mo6.

If you have the generic remote setup with midi triggers for commands you could have something like that happen.

If you installed some sort of mox device, might cause that…

For example, when I play two notes about middle C (E), the Mix Console appears.

Did you somehow perhaps get your MIDI interface attached to a Remote Device (in Device Setup)?

I uninstalled Cubase 7, and then reinstalled it - but that didn’t solve my problem.

The problem occurs on my new Windows 10 computer. I still have my old Windows 7 computer setup with Cubase 7, so I ran a test. I connect my MOX6 to the Windows 7 computer - and the problem wasn’t present. So I conclude that the problem must be a compatibility issue.

If so, then maybe the only way to solve the problem is to upgrade to Cubase 8?

Kind of drastic?

A setting by mistake is out of the question? Are you connecting the keyboard using USB, if so, is it possible that its USB driver is not W10 compatible?

That could be one way. Or the problem persists. (Beethoven’s nine blaring!)

I would suggest tracking down the cause before reacting hastily.