Windows OS computer suggestions?

I am using Cubase on a Mac but because the Apple products (ram for example) are so crazy expensive, I am thinking of moving to Windows OS instead. I have however no idea about Windows computers, what would be good specifications in memory and processors etc?

Depends what you are wanting to go up to. As far as intel processors are then probably i7 or i9 and I would say at least 32gig of memory but if you had that on a Mac then 64 or 128 maybe.

Also If you know little about PCs then go to an audio pc builder. In the uk I have used Cclcomputers and scan computers which are fairly big and offer tested components

@Andre1 What form factor Mac are you coming from? How are you comparing ram prices?

I switched a long time ago, 2013, I think it was, to an i7-3770k CPU in a desktop machine, with 32 gb ram, I built it myself. This machine is still strong. My latest purchase, 1.5 years ago and my daily driver now is an HP Spectre x360 15 inch, 2018 model. Very cheap, I paid $1000 for an opened box.

Another thing to consider is the new M1 cpus from Apple. I think my next buy will be one of those, seeing as the cpu is quite an upgrade from anything out there now.

i work since years on PC : really happy !
if you don’t need to move out of the studio: DEFINITIVLY a TOWER , … not a laptop !
something really important with PC … maybe the most:
choose as OS system the pro : Windows 10 pro !!! (otherwise you can not access to many configuration parameters !!! … when you got it: disable many unusable applications and functions !! (it will save power … : many tutorials will help you

i will say: most important: CPU (i7 minimum
then cash memory
SSD harddrive !!! 512 mini (if oyu buy a tower: and are limited with the budget

  • SSD 512 Gb : to install the OS + the music programs
  • non SSD hard drive : 2 To for the bank files …
    then RAM : 32 Gb will be good
    something really important for me : minimum 3 USB !!!
    i’ve got a
    I-lock key for all my plug in licenses
    usb dongle (E-licenser) for cubase (it suck to have a dongle only for cubase)
    when i first install the tower : i try to put the both key on a “usb split” (don’t know how to name it in english … =>> didn’t work
    then i move: 1 dongle on one direct usb connector second on a second everything fine !!

Thanks! For now I will invest to increase the memory to at least 32 GB. That should make a big difference. Right now I found a workflow that works very good for me, having a the a key editor window on a second monitor and the movie window on an android tablet, using the Duet Display software to connect to the Mac. The only bottle neck right now is that I have to Bounce in Place tracks all the time because of the 8 GB Ram.

Another issue Iliana came across yesterday is that my Audio interface (M-audio Fast track) is not working correctly with cubase. So I will have to invest in this as well.