Windows PC - DAW

Hi, I think a thread would be great where people, who bought a new system, talk about their experience…
Is everything working? What parts did you use?
That could help to see actual working systems for those who want to buy a new one…

And now here’s what I want to get for Cubase to replace my old i7 930:

i7 6800K
Asus X99-Deluxe 2
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G
32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666 CL16
1TB Samsung Evo 850 SATA

So, any suggestions from those who have these parts?

Thanks Daniel

That’s an expensive graphics card for a DAW, you sure you need that?

You’re right. Also have some video editing to do, so it should be a good one… Okay, maybe I will load a game someday…
What I like about the actual series is the “zero-fan” function. While DAW use, the fans keep calm.

One thing I really don’t know much about is the RAM. Should I get a faster one and oc the system? And what about the timings? Is there better RAM for such a system?

I went for a very similar system but key difference for me were the video card - (no need for as much power so went for the MSI 960 gTX) and the mobo.

I pondered for ages over the delux 2 but in the end I went for the Strix gamers board.

I’m in no way a gamer I was on a budget and to be honest it came with a good set of features, sata ports (at least 6 I think) and a good stack of usb3 etc. importantly it was a good deal cheaper. It also comes with crazy lighting scene across the board of you’re in to that (I’m not but will take it for the price).

I’ve also put an M.2 drive in as the system drive so currently boot times are about 4 seconds.

In short very happy.

Oh thanks for your response…
Any trouble with the m.2 drive? You have Cubase on that drive?

And do you know the difference between deluxe 2 and strix mainboard?

Also thinking about the new samsung 960 evo m.2
Any suggestions?