WIndows PC hardware recommendations


I have been a long-time user of Cubase and Wavelab on various Windows OS’s and recently purchased Cubase 11 but need to get a new PC.

My background/ setup:
In the early 2000s I had built my own DAW machine and then it eventually died around 2009/ 2010. Since then I relied on hand-me-down laptops and PCs so have been out of the loop so to speak as to what specs/ interfaces/ ports, etc. to look for that will be compatible for my ancient setup. I currently have an inherited Dell Inspiron, which is running ok but definitely need to upgrade. I have a small project studio and just working on personal projects for now. I am still using my Echo Audiofire 12 interface which is Firewire (which seems to have gone extinct) so I might need an interface upgrade as well. I started researching individual components but got overwhelmed quickly by all the options.

Can I get a decent pre-built PC for around $1000-$1500?
What are some recommendations for CPUs (the last one I built had a Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz - so that’s how long it’s been since I built a machine). I know RAM is important so thinking 16 Gb should be adequate for my needs. Graphics is not a big deal since I’m not a gamer. Quiet machine would be nice because my “studio” is small.

Recommendations appreciated and Thank you for reading.

Did you do a search in the forum?

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It’s a really bad time to build a new PC.
Motherboards are overpriced.
Ram is overpriced.
Gfx cards a none existent or cost two or three times what they should.
Power supply’s are overpriced and can be hard to find.

If you can wait til end of this year, the price will hopefully be normalized somewhat. And you will get more for your money.


Thank you for the tip! The prices of components did seem a bit high to me when I did an initial search. I thought I was just out-of-touch with inflation. I’ll wait until the end of the year as you suggested.

Thanks again P!

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Yep, Waiting on my next build. Was supposed to be in December but the only thing to drop has been drives, everything else is primo. Just plan it out and do tons of research. Nothing better than know your own workstation inside and out.