Windows Reinstall future proofing (no nasty plugin reinstalls)

I like to reinstall Windows now and then to keep things fresh but I cannot stand having to keep reinstalling Cubase and especially VSTs , given that there are so many of them and they tend to install themselves all over the C drive

Has anyone managed to future proof this?
I’m sure it’s easy enough to get all VSTs installed on a separate drive, but once I’ve reinstalled windows they will be ‘disconnected’

Hello, and welcome.

Honestly, I think a better method if you like reinstalling windows once you deem it no longer ‘fresh’ would be to create an ‘Image’ of your entire windows partition once you have installed and setup everything. This ‘Image’ can be restored whenever you choose and is much quicker than re-installing everything form scratch multiple times.



I disagree with the eventual image approach…because…at the time one “creates” an image, the collective code is already possibly full of wonky stuff as part of the image. No gain in restoring an image that’s already full of gremlins.

For me personally, I just proceed with a fresh windows install every couple of years.

The upside for me is that I generally vote down the installation of any vst or vsti that I haven’t been using regularly. Helps in paring down the overall installation.

Which brings up an aside…I DO keep installers of most any software I’ve ever owned. Organized…on a separate drive.

I never know when the urge might hit to re-install some long-forgotten plugin …long live V-stack :slight_smile:


No - Install windows, then install Cubase/Plugins, then make image. There is hardly any chance the ‘collective code’ is ‘possibly full’ of ‘wonky stuff’ imo.

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Hi Have a look at this
How to Repair Windows 11 Without Losing Data or Programs (

I decided to go with a dual boot setup, one of which dedicated solely to Cubase