Windows return to default settings when switching Workspaces

Hi all,

I am testing Cubase 8 and am noticing differences in how Workspaces have been implemented. When I am in a Workspace and make changes (i.e. scroll down to a track, expand a track, open a VST window) when I switch to another Workspace and then back to the original Workspace, all of the changes I made to the view are gone. The Workspace is back at its default view.

This is not the way it worked in 7.5.3 and in previous versions. I understand that you can Alt+U and update the Workspace but that would be cumbersome every time you leave the Workspace and I really do not want to change the default view.

Can someone else confirm this? I am hoping that this is an issue and not the designed functionality as I use Workspaces heavily.


Could someone confirm this for me? I would like to get this officially reported as an issue to Steinberg.

I could probably learn to live with the glowing fonts and the strange floating menu bar thingy - but this one would kill my workflow…


In previous versions you unlock a workspace, which gave the behaviour described above. Provided your workspace was unlocked, this behaviour appeared to be the default. It seems that this option has been removed, although you can now update a workspace (alt + u), which has a similar effect. While I like the new option to update, I would also like to be able unlock workspaces, as I could in the past.

Thanks for the reply djangodeadman. I had forgotten about the unlock feature in the previous versions. While I like all of the new features of the Worspace implementation - this is something that I need!

I will post a request in the issues forum.


Hi john. i have been having this same exact issue as well as multiple other people. im not sure why steinberg is ignoring it. ive emailed customer support and posted several messages here.

you’re not alone. they need to acknowledge this a lot of us dropped 100 dollars on the upgrade based on the new visual features alone.

You can sort of get the unlocked behavior by selecting “No Workspace.” In a way it’s like a dyanamic workspace- if you use it, then switch to another workspace, and later switch back to “No Workspace” the previous layout will be remembered.

Otherwise, you have to hit Update Workspace, or maybe make a macro like Update Workspace; Workspace X, where X is the space you want to go to.

(Not saying it’s better or worse the new way)

Thanks for the tip Steve. I’ll try the “No Workspace” idea. I was already thinking about creating the macros as you described.

I am hoping this was an oversight by the developers and that they can easily add this functionality back in.

I reported this as an issue in the issue forum.


Well - I tried to post this problem in the issues section - but they moved the post to the general section. There is a post in the feature request section. Please chime in if you feel that adding back the unlock workspace feature is important to you.

As a workaround to not having the “unlock workspace” feature - I have set up macros for each workspace that automatically updates the workspace prior to switching to the new workspace.

Example Macro:

Name: Workspace 1 (set Key Command Alt+Num1):

  • Workspaces - Update Workspace
  • Workspaces - Workspace 1

This does work for me - but you can no longer have Global Worksapces or Project Workspaces that remain static as you need to update each workspace prior to switching to the next workspace.

This is not elegant - but a work around for me and I hope that it helps someone else. So I will continue to ask Steinberg to please bring back the “Unlock Workspace” option!

But what happened when you tried the No Workspace option?

My understanding is that the “No Workspace Option” gives you one workspace that I can change, switch workspaces and then switch back again - all is the same. Nice feature - but I need more of these types windows.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

My workflow:

  • Workspace 1 - Project Master
  • Workspace 2 - Midi Editing
  • Workspace 3 - Mixing
  • Workspace 4 - VST’s
  • etc.

I may go to Workspace #1, scroll down to a specific track, expand that track, zoom in, etc. - then switch to Workspace #3 to do some mixing, open an effect, tweak a few settings, then switch back to Workspace #1, and expect the screen to be the same as I left it, then switch back to Workspace #3 and expect the screen to be as I left it, etc.

This has worked for me for years and is no longer working with the current changes - but I am open to changes in my workflow to achieve the same…


I get what you’re saying. It’s an exellent example use-case for multiple “No Workspace” Workspaces.

Our how about all workspaces get background saved in the edited state and the standard shortcut is used to return to it… and the shift key is used for getting back to the original workspace?

Actually that would be pretty cool also. Any way to selectively store the current layout or return to the original. I am still hoping that Steinberg just restores the unlock workspace option (I know - broken record…).