Windows RT-WDM?

@Highly-Controversial it alwyas shows in device manager, it’s in the midi devices in Cubase studio setup I’m taling about. If I leave everything default(WDM) all devices show fine in the midi devices setup in Cubase. When you change to the RT driver then the RME dissapears from this list as does my Doremi and drawbar controller.

@garyhawkins01 , these are what are shown in the midi devices set up in n cubase AFTER I’ve changed to the RT from WDM.


quick up date. After speaking to a friend he suggested a couple of tweaks to my system:
1 - Disable Core Isolation Memory Integrity. (I like to use the registry)…ndows-11.4942/

2 - Disable Hibernate.…ndows-11.1894/

3 - Disable USB selective suspend setting and PCI Express Link State Power Management . set both to 100%

I also updated to latest windows 22H2

I left all my midi devices as WDM and have worked all day today on a project on C13 without a single issue.

recording audio and various midi VSTi’s on a project for a young BMG signed singer songwriter.

I started to mix by the end of the day using a lot of AA plugins and OS and everything ran smoothly all day.

so, a promising day with C13



You mean you forgot to do basic Optimising … Ohhhhh you wait till i tell people :joy: (Joke)

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I know that was a joke but I felt I needed to reply with some perspective.

:slight_smile: this system has been running Reaper daily for a year without a crash previously, which is amazing,

I don’t consider reg editing Core Isolation Memory Integrity ‘basic optimising’ .

Since windows 10 I’ve used vanilla windows installs with NO tweaks excpet for the power plan and it’s worked great for me on 3 different main studio machines this way.
Like Pete Brown@microsoft I’d never heard of issues with windows WDM midi framework until this week. So this whole thread has been my ewxperimentation and issues with that and it’s supposed solution ‘midi RT’ which doesn’t seem like a solution for many including myself.

I’m sending the crash logs to microsoft anyway to see if they can delve deeper into this in case it helps others. The fact i was told windows WDM is a known issue with Steinberg is somewhat troubling , hence me following this up with people at the top. I really don’t want windows users to become second class citizens with steinberg software as historically Cubase/Nuendo used to outperform on Windows over Mac OS. I think a lot of the changes over the past few years have been very mac centric at the expense of windows users.

right… back to work…


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I hear you for sure and totally agree .
Maybe there’s an ulterior motive , new design of Pc chips on the way and having to move over ,which in turns breaks stuff for the generations a couple of years old ?
The price of tech evolution companies .
Pc world has always been a little left behind when it comes to the Steinberg DAW ImO but i won’t get into that .
We will never know the truth of what these companies no about breakages in software .
Take the Graphic2dll issues in C12 , it was obvious 12 was a beta ground for the new implementation of windows handling and someone Cocked it right up by letting this issue slip through . Admission of guilt is to loose custom or have to issue refunds due to not working as it should

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I’d really like to hear the outcome of this if MS and Steinberg let you know.

I also admire your perseverance in trying to get Cubase running. I’d probably already quit and continued working with Reaper.