Windows Thunderbolt Interface

If you were building a PC and had a budget of say 1000
Which components would you get
Also which Thunderbolt Audio Interface would work?


I’m thinking best to wait and see what happens with thunderbolt 3 technology

Man I’m also watching and waiting for a good ultra low latency (or zero latency) soundcard on either USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt or just plain ol’ PCIe.

In another thread I pointed out that the PC industry misses the unity the Mac industry has gained strongly. The world has turned upside down as in the early days anything was possible with PC’s.
Now manufacturers have turned most of their efforts towards the MAC market, really a shame, why just not support both platforms for the full 100 percent!

Microsoft have committed to supporting Thunderbolt so it’s a matter of waiting for it to mature, Windows 10 anniversary edition is the only windows OS that supports it though. I wouldn’t bet against Thunderbolt3 and USB-C to merge into a single industry-wide standard at some point.

I just bought an Apollo interface - I could have gone Thunderbolt for pretty-much the same cost as Firewire and got the improved “blackface” interface into the bargain - but I stuck with the latter - I’ve been in IT too long to be suckered into bleeding edge technology! What I’m saying is I’d give Thunderbolt on Windows a miss for at least a year.

Yeah. I will wait until it’s seamless. Mobo’s with native thunderbolt 3 and seperate usb-c

Also I think most companies will start implementing TB3
On their units. Fingers crossed for this Name
The technology is there. It’s just a matter of time. Hopefully sooner than later.

However this also means upgrading our Mobo and processors

I’m banking on AMD Ryzen to drop market prices!