Windows to Apple?


I have had so many issues with Windows; the latest is R6025 - pure virtual function call ( awaiting support from Steinberg ). I am now considering moving to Apple. Will I be jumping from the frying pan into the fire? I have been shown Apple by people who swear by it - but it doesn’t look intuitive to me. Has anyone else embarked on this road for similar reasons? Is the experience worth it or one of regret?



Both Windows and OSX have issues. Just different ones. There really isn’t much difference, in terms of usage. Once your program is open, you won’t really notice the difference. Other than OSX being slower… :wink:

Use whatever makes you happy.


I left the Apple Mac platform because of many problems with their hardware (and incompatibilities with peripherals necessary for DAW), and migrated to Win7 64 bit. Having used both, I’ve found the Win7 environment for Cubase is far superior.


Truth could be to educate yourself into the patform you use. Troubles aren’t solved because the knowledge isn’t there.

I know were all musiscians…but still it is worth knowing stuff! so you can solve some problems yourself.

Aloha Steve.

Here is an additional approach to consider.

If you are going to be using Cubase, why not use what Steiny recommends?

Made for each other: Cubase and HP
Finest software requires finest hardware. That’s why our best software specialists rely on the world’s leading PC hardware manufacturer. Cubase 7 is quality-tested with HP’s professional Z series workstation computers, ensuring highest performance and maximum reliability packed in a rock-solid chassis. Carefully selected components optimized for recording, editing and mixing allow for efficient audio data transfer rates throughout the whole system. Be it the industry-proven Intel XEON processors or the ultra-fast SSD drives, HP Z machines squeeze the best out of Cubase, speeding up your entire studio software environment.

From the site:

Good Luck!