Windows to Mac

I just ordered A Mac and wondered if there is anything I should know about carrying over my stuff to this new machine.
I know I won’t have a problem with Cubase itself and getting that up and running but what about my current projects, are they universal across both platforms?

Aloha H,
Not to hit this too hard but IMHO it is best to have asked/researched
these questions before ordering your Mac.

As long as they are all MAC/PC compatible or all Steiny plugs, no probs.
I do this all the time.

In any event if things get too rough you can always run Windows on yer Mac.

Good luck

As curteye say, it’s a matter of weather your non-Steinberg plug-ins are cross platform.

In case you use other audio interfaces than the Mac built-in audio you may need to install Mac drivers.

Also remember that than OSX is not Windows. Some things like key commands, windows management
and control panels are set up differently.

Thanks guys.
I only use steven slate drums and komplete 8 ultimate.
So I’m kinda fine on the plugins thing, just wondered about transferring the projects over