Windows to mac

I’ve got cubase working on windows 7. I have absolutely no idea how it would work with mac and I’m just curious if the files saved on windows computer would work on mac. Anybody could advise,please?

Aloha M,

As long as you stick to ‘stock’ Cubase stuff (plugs etc)
the .cpr file will open just fine on either platform.

I have done this many times (both ways) and it works fine here.

Adding in 3rd party stuff may also work but can get a lil tricky.


I had no problem transferring 2 years of projects over.
I did spend a number of days opening each and everyone to sort them in to nice neat directories.
It’ll be fine but do check your plugins have a MAC installer…I was lucky, EVERYTHING I owned was also MAC.

I moved from Mac to PC a few years ago and there wasn’t a single file I couldn’t fully transfer. Granted that there might be differences in the plugins you used, it’s nothing that you can’t fix (just reassign the track to another VST.)

:laughing: Thanks a lot everyone. You guys are a lot more help than anyone that i’ve talked to that worked for Apple!!!

I’ve done this quite a lot and fundamentally yes it works. The trouble can arise if you don’t have exactly the same versions of 3rd party plugins installed on both machines, in which case sometimes your plugin settings will not load correctly.

And you learned nothing from that experience?