Windows update killed soft elicense

My windows 10 did a update, and registration fails.

I ran repair and it showed some things still failed and to contact vendor.

I have a video of various message screens, but I didn’t link it because it has the registration code in it.

But I can send the link to an admin.

I saw messages of different things to try, but frankly, I didn’t want lose projects or current settings, so I’d rather wait and make sure I don’t change something.

Frankly, it’s already been too long since I did the oringinal setup and can’t remember the procedures anyway.

Could you please try the following:

Uninstall your current eLicenser Control, and install the latest from

Run eLC as administrator, then choose “Actions > Recover” and thereafter “Actions > Repair Soft e-licenser”.

Does that rectify things? It is safe to do this, it will not destroy any Dorico projects or settings.

Btw, you could private mail the link to your screencast to me.

This happens every time there is a (frequent) W10 update, as well as other things the update disrupts. Very annoying. I have got into the habit, on all of my 3 music computers, of downloading the latest eLicenser and installing, directly after the update completes, before running any Steinberg programs. I hope that helps, for the next time, if not this one

Best wishes,