Windows update, lost cubase :(

Hello everyone, I work many hours and Cubase is a hobby. Approximately 6 months ago, windows updated itself and now cubase crashes on booting up. I am using a Steinbeirg 824 interface, cubase 9.5…I did see people are having the same issues about six months ago, but am struggling to find a solution. I have tried to reinstall cubase but am struggling with that too, help me please…:slight_smile:

Depending on what version of Cubase 9.5 you have and where the license is stored for it (either on a Soft eLicenser or USB eLicenser) you would reinstall the Cubase software then follow the instructions provided here…

Hopefully your Cubase was registered in your MySteinberg account.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hello. thank you for the reply. I had to reformat my pc and reinstall everything, very disappointed with Steinberg/Yamaha. As software providers, they should foresee issues arising from windows updates, but clearly in this instance they have fell short. Anyone with this issue…Reformat your Pc and reinstall everything…thanks for the reply.

Did you find this?

I didn’t, I tried the following but to no avail…Disabled driver/disabled hardware/uninstalled Cubase…nothing worked apart from a fresh install. I had this issue previously with another windows update in approximately 2018. deleting the driver worked then but didn’t work this time, disappointed. Thank goodness I didn’t need the software for a professional appointment or similar, the client wouldn’t have been happy.