Windows Updated, and now I'm kicked off of my Dorico Lisence

Does a major Windows Update always deactivate a soft e-Licenser? That’s what happened to me today when I updated. It now says my soft E-Licenser was deactivated, and I do not just want to delete that e-Licenser, because I’m a little scared I will void my Dorico Pro 2 License.

What Should I do?

Okay, now I’m a little weirded out, so at first, I kept trying to Run Dorico, and was met with “No Valid License Detected”
I then tried some tinkering with E-Licenser, I basically ran the thing as Administrator, and suddenly the soft e-Licenser was enabled again. I selected “Repair Soft E-Licenser” and then it did so, but it said that repairing failed. I then clicked out, and then ran it normally, and the License was enabled. I tried Running Dorico, and Dorico worked. Which is weird considering 3 minutes ago, Dorico was not running due to the lisencing issue.

I’ve noticed similar issues after Windows updates, but doing “Maintenance” (while running the eLicenser control center as Administrator) fixed them every time. Other programs tied to a specific hardware/OS configuration seem to have the same problem.

For me, the problem also occurs with every Windows upgrade.

It seems that Microsoft changed the calculated hardware ID on many operating systems with each upgrade.

I solved it with Steinberg products by using only the USB dongle.

Otherwise you have to be listed as above, always reinstall the eLicenser.