windows updates kill my elicense

I keep getting these updates from windows, (I’ve turned them off) and everytime it kills my licenses, says the hard drive number is corrupted or something like that, I roll back the update and everything is fine, Is there a new elicense update somewhere so I dont have to keep going through this and it will just play nice with the latest windows updates?

I had the message with Elicencer updating to the latest version of win 10- 64 but i also had a message saying "right click and open as " i ran elicencer as admin and all has been well since then . go into windows directory and turn off windows update ,you can’t do it in windows , it has to be done in the directory

Disable automatic updates via Group Policy Editor
On Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise, you can turn off automatic updates using the Group Policy Editor. After completing these steps you will still be able to manually check for updates as well as install security patches from Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.

Open the Run box by pressing Win+R and type in gpedit.msc.
Navigate to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
Open the Configure Automatic Updates policy.
Check the Disabled radio button to disable updates.
Click Apply, then click OK.

Worked for me .

Hope this helps

thanks for the reply modularnutter all great info