Windows updates with Cubase 12

I am wondering if anyone has had strange goings on when updating with massive update changes from Microsoft.
My one is i get Unknown device twice in Device manager.
This one had my head scratching for a few hours as there was no way to get rid of it.
Every time i uninstalled the drivers it it came back and it was no use looking around the internet for answer as all you get is to buy some useless program that fixes all and those types always messes your system up.
I think that i pulled all my USB leads out of everything and then uninstalled all USB Drivers and then put them back and something happened and i was all go again and the unknown devices disappeared
The trouble for me was that dreaded ASMedia USB3.1 eXtensible driver
I have them back again now but all is working fine.
I have AVG tune up and now it tells me i have a new ASMedia 3.1 eXtensible driver Host controller and i really not happy about updating as what i have got is working.
I bet if i updated it i would get those Unknown devices back again as this also happened a few years ago to me
I think these ASMedia drivers cause a lot of grief .

All the Best

Have my Motu Midi interfaces losing connection via the host USB ports , same as you , i just unplug in them and then the devices are recognized in the device manager again as Motu but to be honest i only ever update windows when i do a new version of Cubase update , just to keep everything synced . It comes down to the "if it aint broke then don’t fix it " when it comes to windows updates