Windows Upgrades & Virtual Guitarist 1

I would like some help, as since I’ve upgraded to windows 8,then 8.1, and now windows 10, my Virtual Guitarist EE
won’t load up from the original discs.
It used to work fine on windows XP
The message I get is: ‘This installer will only run from the original virtual guitarist electric edition CD-Rom’

I have tried installing VG.EE_Installer_Update, this doesn’t make a difference

I have gone to windows compatibility mode and still get no results.

It would be great if someone who’s come across the same problem could direct me in the right direction.
I have Cubase 4 and AI8, and I have 8 times more ram than my XP computer!

I am facing this issue since I have updated window 10 but on my Mac it is working fine. Hope you have got resolved your problem if yes then please share the solution.