[Windows]USB Midi Device Not Recognized After CB8 Is Running

That’s interesting… Meaning you are reporting that you are experiencing this on a Mac. I thought this was related to us running CB and our USB connected stuff on a PC. Maybe you are doing something wrong? Not to highjack this thread maybe you should post your issue again (with more specifics) in the “general” forum section and see if someone can assist.

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Edit: Tonylife’s post is gone but his memory and issue live on… :laughing:

Also adding a record of another thread here so that I can keep these requests nice and tidy:

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Unbelievable that this still happens. Very annoying.

+1… windows issue or not ,please make some efforts to solve this annoying issue.

+1… yes please!!

Another +1

I would love this, as I forget to turn on my keyboard frequently. :mrgreen:

+1. But it’s been years, and nothing has changed… One of these day, they’re gonna do it and advertise it as a new “feature”… Because, you know, they actually have to do a bit of programming, not like on mac where the os is already doing all the job.

I know people will want to clobber me for saying this, but for those who hate restarting Cubase to plug in a MIDI device, why not use Loopbe MIDI Loopback and MIDI-OX as a go between?

Why, I’ll pulverize ya… Not. :wink:

Steve should never be clobbered for suggesting a workaround. But, I hope Steinberg doesn’t use these suggested workarounds as a reason to not consider this request. That might be “clobber” worthy for them. :cry:

Also apparently there is another program named “rtpMIDI” that can be used as a workaround too.

For me, I hate installing and having extra programs/processes running on my PC. So I never tried any of the suggested workarounds to see if they actually work. Trouping on, I will just continue to restart CB until Steinberg incorporates the feature.

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Please make this happen… or at least tell us why it’s not going to happen/ taking so long.


Slight push …


I hope that soon we are going to see some improvement, and maybe with the introduction of the new internal midi system in Windows 10 with the MIDI API.

As said on internet : MIDI API - also available across all Windows 10 devices - this new API allows multi-client access to single MIDI hardware, new jitter-free operation, plus other bug fixes - we hope they embrace the RTP MIDI (over the network too)” .
Actually the common behavior on Windows is that two applications can’t use the same MIDI ports at once, and what’s also common behavior is that a DAW will lock up all of the MIDI ports making it impossible for another application to do anything with MIDI.
If i understand correctly it means that with Windows 10 those problems will be gone, but before software will needs to get updated to support it.

Here the problem is maybe a litlle different because we use only one software, but new MIDI API on Windows 10 will allow us to use few midi applications at the same time, sharing the same midi hardware port number with no conflict or “workaround solution”.
At the end we have new functionalities that should open new “doors” in midi area.

Iam not a specialist at all on programmation, but that new concept in Windows will, i hope, allow new way to conceive midi sharing programmation for Steinberg and so to get rid of those few midi problems.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I tried something.

I bought a M-Audio MIDISport 1x1 http://www.m-audio.com/products/view/midisport-1x1#.VkShNuKtPhY and connected it to the Yamaha KX8 I use. Now, if I turn on the keyboard and change the output to MIDI from USB after Cubase has started, all is well. Cubase sees the keyboard and I can record etc. I still lose out though, as the transport controls on the KX8 don’t work over MIDI, just USB.

Concerning to what i wrote, there is a interesting video about the futur new midi/audio features in Windows 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHaz3p_H8iM

Bumped for CB version 8.5.

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Here’s my two cents worth of pleading for this.

I’ll even give 5 cents if it helps.

I’m willing to pay oodles of money for the software if that inspires you (using the trial version at this time). And with the current USD/CAD exchange rate, that’s a lot of cash.


Over the years CB has trained me to turn on everything before starting it, and every time I do that, I’m sadly reminded of this unanswered request.

I have the same. Sometimes I have to restart cubase many times if I want my MIDI cotroller to work. I saw that this issue is since 2013. Why Cubase team can’t solve it? it is really annoying!

Recently on Gearslutz, someone asked exactly that problem to Pete Brown (Microsoft Program Manager).
It’s certain that if Steinberg updade their software to that new MIDI API we will get many benefits from it.
I really hope it’s not going to take years to have an update on this MIDI API, on my side over all I really wish the multi-client access to single MIDI hardware.

Here is the copy of the messages :

Hi Pete,

I am sure this has been answered before but couldn’t find any info. I am on W7 and they work perfectly for me. However, I some things really bug me compared to when I am working on OSX so can you please let us know if on W10:

  1. Do Windows let a USB midi device be recognised while a DAW is running? This is very annoying because in most production studios there are several USB midi devices (controllers, keyboards, stuff like Maschine etc) and it’s very common to decide and turn one on while your DAW is running. On W7 you have to stop your project and restart your DAW. Is this behaviour fixed on W10?

  2. Is the Midi Device limit (registry) still happening? Again, very easy to reach 10 midi devices and the point when a PC won’t install new midi devices. Is this limit removed?

  3. Do W10 still reinstall the drivers for USB devices when you connect them to a different USB slot?

All these little nuisances would make me switch to W10 which seems well received. But as I said W7 is behaving well for me so I would like to give it up for some benefits.

Thanks in advance

  1. Up to the DAW developer. Windows supports detection of new devices. With the new MIDI APIs, for example, I’ve tried to make sure our examples show how to do that. I think with the old APIs, folks just didn’t both.

  2. It happens. It’s because many device vendors do not follow the USB specs and offer up the IDs required by USB. (I don’t think the limit is 10, but it’s been a bit since I tested.) So each time you move the device around, it ends up with a new ID because we can’t tell it was the old device. We can’t just go by its type because many people have multiples of the same device on their system (think two launchpads, for example)

  3. See #2 .

So it’s on the app developers and device manufacturers. BUT, we (Microsoft) need to provide better guidance up front, which we are doing with the new APIs. No one ever bothers to go back and update old stuff, unfortunately, so we haven’t put a ton of effort into trying to get vendors to update the old stuff.