Windows Users, how many of you use Disk Cleanup

And has it ever caused problems for you with Steinberg products, licensing, etc?

Caused any Windows OS problems?

And do you use it?


I use it, as well as occasionally a registry cleanup and defragmentation. I usually do this after a Windows update, which frees up 1 GB or more on my hard drive. I’ve never had a problem with it; everything runs smoothly and quickly.

Somtimes, when i se that the pc working good and No problem, and before some big update then i clean up and remove some recover to same space. Trying to just use 20% of my C: drive. After a clean install and after some Month or so and i se that everything have Settle, and Windows have self clean and every driver and other stuff are in place, i do a USB recovery disk. Have One disk with all the skit on like cache filés from win and other temp files. All the dokument and other map from C: drive so the cpu ssd. Is clean as posible.

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Are you still using HDDs?

I’ve always heard not to defrag SSDs, probably wont hurt them, but not necessary and used up write cycles.

Yes, I still use HDDs, but I wouldn’t defragment SSDs. In Cubase, I record up to 16 tracks (Audio) simultaneously on HDDs and it all works perfectly; it’s fast enough for that. I also still use Win10, which is supported until October 2025. As long as everything runs smoothly, I won’t change anything. If you have a good defrag program, it can automatically detect SSDs and avoid defragmenting them. I’m not sure, but I believe there is also an optimization method for SSDs as an option, though I can’t say more about it; maybe someone else can. If everything is running smoothly, I generally wouldn’t tinker too much with the system and would regularly make backups.

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Interestingly, for the first time, I recently completely uninstalled all previous versions of Cubase, WaveLab, and Dorico (I use the latest versions of all these programs), and afterwards, I noticed a significant acceleration of my system. However, I have no idea if this is related. :sweat_smile: