Windows version 1703 (build 15063) update

I decided to dip my toes early in the water and updated to Windows version 1703 (so called ‘creators update’) via the Microsoft Upgrade Assistant. These updates are always a bit nerve wracking but Windows 10 forces them on you in the end, so I thought I’d get it done. I think the roll-out is due to start next week via the usual Windows updater.

The update itself went smoothly but I got an eLicenser error on the first Cubase load so I re-installed eLicenser. All seems to be fine now and Cubase is running without problem so far. I can’t say I have noticed any dip or gain in program performance. If I come across any problems I’ll update this post.

Same here. Pretty fast upgrade and no issues. Not even with the eLicenser.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yea. All good now. I had to run Elicenser CC as ‘administrator’. Now all seems working.
As a note, I did have to reconfigure some hardware services after the update - nothing major, though.
beyond that I haven’t noticed too much else different.
Just 20gb of windows.old files I need to delete from my C: drive.

Did in-place upgrade to Win10 Creator Update on Friday. All went well. No problems at all so far.

And one benefit. In Creators Update it is now possible to set a colour for the Title bar of windows, so all your VST windows inside Cubase no longer have to have an ugly bright white title bar as before, clashing with your otherwise carefully designed aesthetic colour scheme.

In practice it looks much better.

Does the new ‘game mode’ work in anyway to assist us DAW users by disabling background processes?

anyways - On release of redstone 1 (Anniversary Update) the steinberg support is giving an compatibility message us there! :astonished:

Is there a reason why Steinberg will not give such a recommendation this time? :unamused:

I think the message was only to highlight a possible problem. Hopefully no message means no problems!

Because the Creators Update will officially released on April 11th.

The previous statement was before the official release though. I guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow if they have anything to tell us.

is this not officially ? :wink:

Windows 10 Creators Update is here ( writen by Microsoft, Apr 7, 2017 )

…and last message from Steinberg about Redstone updates was writen 5 days before officially release