Windows Version For Cubase

I’m using Windows 10 Home Edition.
Is there a version that runs Cubase better (Perhaps uses less cpu power etc) ?
I’ve seen a ROG version and other stripped down versions of Windows 10 so wondered if there are peticular versions that have an advantage over Windows 10 Home

I have Home version. There are no differences as to CPU usage in the other Win10 versions. The CPU usage/availability is all on the processor and the MB - and any other apps you may have running in the background. Download CClean (free version is good) and use it religiously. It can show you what hidden Tasks you might have running and let you decide if you need them. Clean your Registry often (in CClean) to keep your PC on the path.

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Thanks for the reply mr.roos, i have cclean and like you say everything seems to be OK.
Next week we have Windows 11. :cold_face:

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just an addition… there is a workstation Windows 10 version, needed for multi CPU-socket systems, since Pro and Home only support single socket systems…
but this is a significant boost in price for the hardware and the OS… so not relevant to the majority of the users around

THanks, I’m on Windows 11 now, the fun begins again.