Windows video support

Earlier in the year Windows users were advised to stop using Quicktime, and Steinberg also put out a statement to this effect.
Has there been any updates in regards to a video player safe and compatible with Cubase for Windows? Video playback is essential for upcoming work, and I cannot seem to find any updated information.
If Cubase is still using Quicktime, is there any timeframe for a new player? Something I would actually love to know before I upgrade to version 9.


I have the same question (mac) - it seems the symptoms are the same on both operating systems.
From checking the FAQ etc it would appear that the video playback engine remains unchanged in v9.

Hi guys,

I posted a reply (of my understanding) in another thread yesterday. I believe the date has been pushed back to MARCH 2017.



The issue isn’t using the video engine in Cubase / Nuendo, the issue is using QuicktimePlayer. I can’t remember exactly where, but if you search you should find instructions on how to get rid of the Apple content that is a potential risk while still having video capability in Cubase / Nuendo.

In other words; as long as you don’t actually access infected Quicktime content and play that back outside of Cubase it’s not an issue, that’s my understanding.

I know the issue is with Apple no longer supporting Quicktime for Windows, and that security risks were exposed already. The advice was to completely remove Quicktime from any Windows PCs to prevent vulnerability. I didn’t think it was from using actual infected files, but Quicktime itself posing the security risk. But thanks for the info, and I’ll look around to see if there’s a workaround.

And thanks for that info, too!

No, it isn’t “Quicktime itself” that’s posing a problem, it’s only if you use it with problematic content. But even then you have to use certain parts of “Quicktime”, stuff we can get rid of. So if you either get rid of that or don’t play back that content you’re safe. The problem with Apple’s installation process in my experience is that installs all of that junk by default, so we have to manually go back and get rid of it, leaving only the items we actually need for playback within Cubase and Nuendo.

I think this is primarily an issue for people who download a lot of content and uses QT player for playback, on a complete install, and where a fair amount of that content is of “questionable origin”, if you know what I mean. For a lot of professionals it’ll be a non issue, because most content will come from the source of the content, i.e. video/film/tv production houses that actually shot/edited the video in the first place.

Don’t know if you guys saw this in the Nuendo forum…

Information update: new video engine development

Unread postby TimoWildenhain » 26 Oct 2016 11:35
Dear forum-members,

For several months, Steinberg has been working on a new video engine for its DAW products, including Nuendo. As you might already know, this change is necessary due to Apple’s discontinuation of the QuickTime technology, and we would now like to share the current status of development with you.

Since we are developing a new engine from scratch, we have set ourselves three primary goals:

  • to provide support for the most often used video standards,
  • to achieve solid video playback stability,
  • and to make this engine as independent as possible from particular technologies.

Our current project status shows that we are on schedule to achieve all three milestones. We have completed the architectural reconstruction of the engine. We have completed development concerning memory management. We have started implementing the video codecs, with ProRes, H.264 and DV/DVCPro already done.

While we already have made good progress in achieving important technical milestones, we have not yet completed the development. Our primary goal is to finish the implementation of all remaining video codecs by the end of this year before initiating an elaborate testing scenario that should result in achieving highest playback stability. The latter will start mid of January and we hope to complete the testing phase by end of February. This will enable us to provide the new video engine still in Q1 2017, which would be in accordance with the current schedule. Consequently, the engine will be available for future releases of Nuendo (e.g. 7.5) and in cost-free maintenance updates for current Nuendo 7.0.x versions.

Best Regards,
Timo Wildenhain - Senior Manager
Marketing & Business Development ProAudio
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany


I was aware of the DATES, but not the full detailed descriptive update.



Has anyone asked the question whether the new video engine will provide an ‘export video’ facility…? e.g. I have a 3 minute long video but want to just output a 45secs section for director review (with my new music) - going to be possible…?


Thanks Jack :sunglasses: