Windows vs motherboard intel drivers

There seems to be some confusion between windows system drivers and OEM drivers.

So for best stability do you tend to have windows take control or intel / motherboard drivers ?

It’s seems the best way is

OEM motherboard drivers minus utilities like armoury (Asus)

And let windows deal with other onboard GPU, and additionals.

Comments ?

I use Armoury on my ASUS motherboard and download the ASUS recommended drivers. Windows handles everything else unless there is a specific driver for them (nvidia graphics in my case).
You could go without Armoury of course.

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What about intel assistant gpu driver notifications?

Don’t think I have intel assistant installed. Just using whatever windows or asus provide for the iGPU. I do have my iGPU active but I don’t use it for video display since I have the nvidia card (I use it for other things, but not display).

Ok cheers.