Windows woes

According to the Sept 2011 (bizarre I know since we’re only at the beginning of July really, but anyway…) edition of the UK based PC Advisor magazine, Windows 8 “may prove to be the last ever windows operating system.”

What the hell will this mean for us musicians? The problem with the touch screen-based OS’s is that you can’t access the hard drive if Windows 8 doesn’t take off?

And the Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6 | Cubase Elements 6 question is…?

Have you ever tried running the PC version of Cubase 6 on a non-Windows based PC? Your answer lies therein.

Is anyone for Cubase Touch?

Win 7 will probably last me till I die.

Could it be that they won’t need to develop a Windows 9 ?

Just because it may be the last doesn’t mean it isn’t going to last.

Or some people just wants to make a radical statement.

Naturally, computing will change, but like evolution there is always a transition. Touch screens are just another type of input device. Think of public computers (or many offices), touch screens and more people in the world, then think how unsanitary that really is. People and their incredibly disgusting habits… Yuck!

However, like all new things, it could of course cause a significant change in its field. But what about people that still want a keyboard and a mouse? They are just two other input devices, and will still be available as long as people buys them. (So I wouldn’t worry until you cannot find any keyboards or mice anywhere.)

Also, if you check out videos on Windows 8, you will see that the touch environment is basically is sort of a complement to the “traditional” style of operating the computer. Sort of an Aero add-on, lol.

long live windows 7, and further derivatives thereof. truly an astonishing operating system.