Windows Xp or 7 - should you upgrade?

Hi all,

I know that most of you have been talking about this issue over and over but this is quite mind bobbling when you hear different views from different users.

I have been running C6 on Xp for around 3 weeks now and uptil now its only been one vst (camel phat) that was crashing my system (CP never crashed my C5 and i assume that this could be fixed with the new CP update) everything else seems to be working quite smooth.

After checking out a couple of topics here i decided to finally, after ten years, make the BIG move to Windows 7 :astonished: with the expectation that i will benefit more from the whole system, which honestly i dont really know what will i actually benefit - maybe abit more ram since 64bit allows more.

BUT !!! after speaking to some guys today i was told that they’ve been having some MAJOR MAJOR issues running C6 with W7 and told me that if my C6 is running smoothly in Xp i should definetly stick to it.

So…coming to the big question - SHOULD WE UPGRADE ?

…and if “YES” is the answer - WHAT WILL WE BENEFIT ?

I would say it depends on your computer. If it is not a fairly recent processor and/or has more than 3 GB of RAM, W7 may actually slow your computer down. What are your computer specs?

I run on a Core2quad processor with 4gb of Ram…M-Audio 192 soundcard.

I don’t want to speak definitively but I don’t think you would benefit much. Memory wise, you would gain what was being used by other devices, the main one being your video card (1GB max?). But now your processor has to deal with 64 bit operations. The net result COULD be negative. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the 64 bit OS is memory addressing space which doesn’t help in this case. Hopefully, someone else can comment.
EDIT: FWIW I had a Core 2 Extreme that came with 32 bit Vista. I put 64 bit W7 on it was getting hot and throttling (not really with Cubase but with games). Cubase actually ran better with the 32 bit OS but of course I was somewhat limited by memory. I got a new computer recently (in my sig) and its running no problems.
SECOND EDIT: I wanted to mention one more thing. Upgrading to W7 in 32 bit with all the fancy W7 stuff (aero, etc.) turned off might also be something to consider.

here you say:

And now you say:

I think I can’t follow you :confused:

About XP v.s. Windows 7, I’m with Jaslan, depends on your system and type of work you doe with CB6
I ran CB6 on XP 32bit and W7 64bit on exact the same system (q6600 Quad2core). Both OS’es with around 25 processes running.
For what it is worth, the combo XP CB6 on this fairly old PC was the most solid and less CPU consuming.

Is this because W7 opens to more ram…if thats the case wouldn’t it dedicate more ram to cubase aswell - im thinking of adding another 4 gb (8bg in total)

Haha - you would make a great detective :slight_smile:

It’s true…i was pretty bumped with C6 crashing all the time until i figured out that Camel Phat was the problem(had to ditch it)…now everything is running smooth (fingers crossed) :mrgreen:

Getting a 64 bit OS will give you access to RAM beyond 4GB.

I have a relatively new laptop, medium level with Window 7. I have pushed the procesing quite a bit with a large number of track inputs and yet to have a crash. However, I am not using cubase as a full studio setup.

I was hesitant for a really long time… I had a dual Xeon machine (3.8ghz) running Windows XP. It was good, but didn’t quite have the power I wanted. I finally decided to upgrade, so I went all the way - now running Windows 7 64-bit, but I’m running 32-bit Cubase in it. It runs like a dream… I actually like Windows 7 a lot more than XP!!! I was so hesitant before, but now that I’ve done the upgrade, I’m really really glad I did.

My opinion:

In comparison, Windows 7 is the best OS that Microsoft has ever made. XP was a very stable system, and 7 is better.
(I cannot speak for the 32-bit version, never used it!)

As far as moving from XP to 7, one has to consider a few things. Are you running XP 32-bit, and are you aiming for 7 64-bit? Are your plug-ins then 64-bit compatible? If you are staying with 32-bit, then really, what is the point? Etc.

Anyways, my point with the above line of questions is that you have to determine your destination first, and then make a decision. There is a word for this… oh, yeah right, lol, PLANNING! :slight_smile:

It is fairly difficult to assist, in terms of gain and loss, in your transition without knowing these things.

For example, at this time (as in fairly “late” in regards to the industry’s 64-bit train) I really do not see any reason to actually install a “new” 32-bit system, OTHER than the two issues of hardware capability with no available funds to upgrade and needing applications (host, plug-ins, etc) that are not 64-bit compatible.

I think that 64-bit will soon be the de facto standard, i.e. 32-bit will be outdated, unsupported and obsolete. One reason for this is the current economy. Basically no new 32-bit hardware is being manufactured, which essentially means that the software giants can (and will) push their 64-bit platforms, which in turn force the software companies to follow suit. The upkeep of parallell 32-bit versions for all this is very expensive for all parties. So, it won’t be long.

Microsoft Windows Server OS’s are more or less already at this junction and is superseding the “regular” versions. (E.g. Windows Server 2008 R2 is only available in 64-bit versions.)

Anyways, XP works for as long as the software you need to run on it continues to be “compatible” and this, unfortunately for you, is really determined by chance, since support for a system like XP is becoming extinct. So to become a trapped animal at some near future time will be very frustrating.

In the process of going 64-bit, you may have to sacrifice some of your plug-ins unfortunately. I had to, but I rather sacrifice some smaller things than risking getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Anyways, just my humble opinions, and hopefully they can help you come to a decision. :slight_smile:

Aloha G,

For what it is worth: Official support from Steinberg.
I don’t think you can get that using XP.

I know this thread is about Win stuff but in just case any Mac folk
are also reading this, I too am asking, what musical benefit is there
for me to upgrade to Lion?

None that I can see.
in both Win and Mac cases, if it ain’t broke…

I will though (no offence, jaslan :wink: )

  • Steinberg no longer support XP. It was a great OS but all good things come to an end.
  • Windows 7 is also a great OS. Get the Home Premium version. Professional versions have a load of networking stuff in that you don’t need and seem to cause people problems.
  • Don’t go 32-bit, don’t even think about it, that’s on the way out too. 32-bit systems can’t access enough memory for many plugins. Cubase’s VariAudio struggles to do anything on 32-bit (even stay on its feet!).
  • 64-bit systems give you access to as much memory as you can fit in your computer, the theoretical limit is so high.
  • Not all plugin manufacturers have gone 64-bit but they will have to.

In short, if you’re upgrading a PC, Win7-64 HP is the way to go. Otherwise I fear you will be sorry…

Definitely upgrade, you have a powerful enough system to run 7 fine. 7 runs just as fast if not faster than XP. I would go with the 64-bit version if I was you, then you will notice a performance boost. And yes, 64-bit Windows 7 can use more RAM. No matter how much RAM you have in your system, 32-bit XP will only use ~3GB.

Hey guys…thanks for all the replies.

We will be making the update to W7 tonight.

I must say that running C6 on XP seemed quite smooth but every now and then problems still come back to haunt you.

For some reason my Runtime error :cubase.exe has come back and now my media bay is not playing in sync…cubase crashes right after i load the project.

Hope i will not have these problems once im on W7…coz i will start regretting on making the switch to C6.

Will keep you updated!

I am new to Cubase 6. I have windows 7 on a rain livebook 64bit and Cubase 6 just stopped working when I try to load my latest project. earlier ones seem to work. I get the following windows error message details:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Cubase6.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4cf95e39
Fault Module Name: Cubase6.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cf95e39
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0000000000fba875
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: b819
Additional Information 2: b8199c60214f799f2547f12ae6aa80fa
Additional Information 3: e738
Additional Information 4: e7387fb7b034fce67d97e66cb87028fe
Read our privacy statement online:

Any idea what is going on?

Always make sure you run the last version of Cubase:

And the latest eLicenser driver for your dongle:

Friendly advice: I would create your entry in a new topic the Cubase section, so that you don’t block the original thread :slight_smile: