Suggestion Windows
Hi I have win7/64bit I had installed Cubase pro 9, WaveLab Elements 9 and Hypnotic Dance but as my window got corrupted I had to format my C drive. All my cubase softwares are safe in my site which is really great as it’s easy to download & install from there! But I want to know is that I was using win7/64 before and now if I install win10 will these softwares be fully compatible with the win10?
Will it work better than with win7/64?

Secondly my Cubase pro 9 was installed in my pc’s D drive before so now will I need to just copy the song folder or will I need to copy another folder? How can I saving songs data?


Yes, the software is fully compatible. Actually it works better on Win 10.

I woukd recommend to install Cubase from scratch and I woukd recommend to install it to C drive (there are some issues with updates time to time, when you are nit using C drive).

Cubase installation is independent on projects, they are totally save.

Thank Martin.Jirsak, for your suggestion I have install win10 pro and its really good I have also installed Cubase and its working great next I wanted to know if I install any waves plugins in Cubase then in which Cubase folder should I install the plugins in?
Because I want waves plugins in Cubase, actually my C drive is SSD (225Gb) & D drive is 1TB so I have more space in D drive so I want to install in there………… Is it possible to install waves in D drive?


You can install the plug-ins to any driver. Then you can se Cubase to scan this folder, in the Plug-in Manager.

I have install all wave plugins and they are all working fine but Cubase has blacklisted waves 32 bit plugins so I don’t know how to remove them from the blacklist and if they are removed will this create any problems with my other wave plugins…… kindly give me a solution for what IU should do thanks.


Cubase 9 supports 64-bit plug-ins only. If you want to use 32-bit plug-ins, use jBridge, or similar 3rd party bridge.

Hi as you know I have installed Cubase pro9 again from scratch and its working great. I had saved my Cubase9 song data folder before formatting my windows.
for example I have an old sold saved as “ABC” (but this song audio folder has other songs audio files saved in it as well)
So now want to transfer specific song to a different song folder and change the name “ABC” to “123” I want just the song data for “ABC” to be transferred in to the new song folder called “123” automatically, then after that I want to delete “ABC” song data & its old audio data from my hard drive. Kindly help me figure out how to do this please.


Use File > Back up Project. This will make a copy of the project to the new folder, and takes all relevant Audio files with it, but not more.