Windowshade mode for the menu bar

There’s a lot of people don’t like the Aero menus, me included, it makes them hard to read against my desktop. Other threads suggest tweaking the Windows desktop theme. Here’s another.

I like being able to access the desktop directly within Cubase so I was thinking that a way to improve things would be to have the menu bar in Windowshade mode. This is when you reduce an app to a bar across the top of the screen and the desktop shrinks to accommodate it (as in WinAmp).

You can now set a desktop background colour to go behind the menus and make them easier to read. The default is white which should be perfect.

And you have an unobstructed view of the desktop.

And you shouldn’t have to change your look-and-feel for the sake of a single app.

In fact, how about introducing Windowshade for all windows? Nice way of getting them out of the way but keeping them visible and easily accessible.