Winds bisbigliando


I’m not convinced of the bisbigliando techniques included as standard.

As far as I know, bisbigliando should be a playing technique where you trill between different fingerings. It should be a trill of timbres.

I see it is associated, in Dorico, to a playback playing technique that is called ‘Whisper’. While this is the correct translation of the original Italian word, I don’t think it is the correct one for this technique.

Or, maybe I’m simply confused by not being a native English speaker.


Hi Paolo,

I’m not sure if got what you meant with the bisbibliando technique. If it is that the bisb. could be a trill line instead of a text mark, I agree with you that it could be a cool feature in a future version.

Francis, Dorico includes the “bisbigliando” techniques among the standard playing techniques. If you edit it, you can see it is associated to the “Whisper” playback playing technique. As in your description, it seems to me different than the real technique. That can also be notated with the trill mark you describe, after the “bisb.” indication.