Winds Of Time

hi there ,with this one i`ve had a go at trying do something in the vein of the isley brothers ,it features charlotte again on the chorus, hope you like it . thanks

That’s a cracking slice of smooth r&b. The guitar playing is great. I really both the tones you’ve used for the solos, but I thought you could have gone a bit more Isley with the distortion (although I can see that might have fuzzed up your fast runs).


i liked the girl vocal much better than the male…

the verse parts were not very interesting…


thanks for the positive comments ,yeh im a total tosser when it comes to solos i was affected too much by the shredding 80`s

yes charlotte has a good voice ,don`t worry about the comment on my voice ,i am working on it but not too hard ,i appreciate the honesty .

Good stuff! Legit. Hall & Oates are still out playing this kinda stuff live.
What are you using for drums? Bass? I think the rhythm guitar on the left side might come down a bit.

Good stuff! Like the soloing as well.


cheers lenny ,i went to see hall & oats a few years back now ,i love “sara smile” what a great song that is .for the drums i used ez drummer vintage rock kit and i was trying to get a motown effect with the toms but failed miserably, never mind .for the bass i used my pick on a jazz bass, i know what you mean about the rhythm guitar while mixing it on my big monitors i didn`t notice how much louder it was ,but when i played it back on the pc monitors it stuck out like a sore thumb ,yes it definatly wants sorting out . thanks

hi…i personally am not too keen on male singers trying to sing too high…

perhaps if you sang the melody down by 4 or 5 steps it might sound better?

or maybe for example if you are singing a G move the note down to C…and so on…

that might give you a nice contrast with the female vocal? which was very good!

best mm

cheers mark i know what you mean about changing melodies, i do it my self when singing songs that are far too high and some of the results can be quite good ,but on this tune i wanted to try that style out, i like some of the old soul songs that are done that way, it was quite a
challange for me cause i have quite a low range .peace

I could have swore I left comment about this song. I know i listened to it.

I like it. Good points: nice solid bass sound. I thought the part could have been a bit more funky/syncopated – you know, like Ernie Isley himself :wink:

The background voc’s are superb; they take the tune to another level

There’s something I don’t like about the overall sound, that I can’t exactly describe. Hmmm.

I won’t criticize the lead vocal, other than to say I think this song would kill with a better singer on it.

I like this tune. It’s got a nice groove to it. My only criticism…too many 16’th notes. What if you simplified the high hat part, drop it into fairly straight 1/8 notes, velocity emphasize the 1 and 3 beats to keep it driving and drop in an occaisional little floourish? The bass is kickin along and, I think, gives the tune plenty of drive.

Back the guitars down a little in the mix…to my ears they’re a bit up front (the plucked line on the right side is cool and might come up a little relative to the left side guitar part).

Find different voicings for the string pad and vary the dynamics of them a bit more…ie…they work well in the intro, but I might back them out of the way at 00:18 (I would both change the voicing, and back them down in the mix) then bring them back in at 00:34 etc…another option might be to have them play pretty straight and simple whole notes from 00:18 thru 00:34, then add some more movement to them…maybe a 1/4 note melody progression of some sort to build into and through the chorus?

Nice track, fun to listen to. It reminds me of a tune I loved when I was younger…i just cant put my finger on it.

I’m enjoying this, a couple brass stabs and its right on tower of power. I like how the harmony vocals work during the groove. cool guitar lead to, dig that style of playing, some real nice riffs at the end to wish it went on a bit more before the fade out.
very cool stuff

Me too. :confused:

This is pretty good stuff

There is no major problem, but I think there is some little problem in the low mid range. Can’t put my finger. Where it drops down to bass, drums and vocals the sound improves. When it’s the full band it sounds like the bass is muddying it up just a touch or a build up of frquencies between the guitars and bass. Duon’t know. I could be completely wrong.

All in all it’s good!


thanks for your comments ,it would be great to get a good vocalist on the verse aswell ,it doesnt sound that high realy but for me it was right on the edge, when i recorded the vocal it was before i got a popper stopper and before i bought a little mixer with a pre amp ,i used a guitar fx unit to get some gain on the mic ,it does sound rough with lots of pops and slobbers, i should have re done the vox but i remember how hard it was to do in the first place .thanks for the comments on the backing vocals i enjoyed trying to sound like the Temptations .did ernie play the bass aswell.... i didnt know that. it would be good to know what you didnt like about the recording ,but dont worry i won`t lose any sleep. cheers.

it would be great having someone like you around when recording with your attention to detail ,i will try the ideas you mentioned they sound good.thanks for taking your time out to listen.

thanks dave for your positive comments ,yeh im just trying to get more into mixing and mastering my own stuff and trying to balance the frequencys better ,ive still got a long way to go yet ,i try to find stuff on u tube of techniques and wot not but it`s still quite a mystery to me .it would be good to be pointed towards some good tutorials . thanks for listening.

cheers bob ,some great comments there mate, i will have put the fade there because there will have been some bad notes about to pop over the horizon .thanks for listening.

Yeah, I like this. Great groove.
I can hear The Isleys as well as Hall & Oates.

Nice soloing! :sunglasses:


thanks for the nice comment Wim.

I listened again tonight

I think the guitar on the left side is too loud in the mix, and I wouldn’t mind a bit more drum volume

The recording is pretty good, it just has a funny AM radio quality to it… I think this may be an mp3 thing. I didn’t see a wav download option on this tune – I bet it disappears at Cd quality

no its not mp3 i uploaded it as wav 32 bit for some reason ,dont know if thats allowed or makes any difference. AM radio…thats funny , i used to listen to radio luxemberg alot when i was a teen ,must have made an impression .ill have another go at trying to mix this one, it will probably sound different but still just as bad.