Wings on Repeats

I have to set wings on repeats every time I use Dorico 3.
I go to Engraving options, Barlines, select Show Wings then select Apply and then Save as default…
Everytime I use Dorico - they have reset to No Wings?

Is this a bug?

Same Issue


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In both 3.1.10 and 3.5.10 I can store the Engraving Options > Barlines > Show Wings option successfully as default, close the file, start a new project and find that repeat wings show as per the saved default. The default also holds if I quit Dorico, and if I restart my computer. Having saved as default, it doesn’t matter whether I save the project itself or not.

If you’re using Dorico 3, which version of Dorico 3? Have you at least updated to 3.1.10?