WinRT Midi issue

seems at least for me WinRT Midi is broken somehow.
Midi as input works fine with Windows Midi, however as soon as WinRT Midi is activated, some devices just wont send Midi to Cubase anymore (also no input notification)
WinRT: My Launchpad MiniMK3 works still fine, but for example my Keystep37 will not send Midi to Cubase - have tried everything, settings are ok (Active, in all midi etc).
As soon as Windows Midi is activated, it starts working again.

Am I doing something wrong or is there any hints how to resolve, thanks

If you aren’t having any problems with Windows MIDI I would suggest you stay with it. I’m not sure what’s going on with WinRT MIDI but it appears that a number of devices / interfaces don’t get on very well with it.

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Some devices don’t offer a WinRT option. Just continue with the Windows MIDI version for now.
Also, see here: To WinRT or not to WinRT, that is the question

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