Winter NAMM 2012 (What's New from Steinberg ?)


With Winter NAMM 2012 Show fast approaching, I was wondering what exciting NEW products, or updates will Steinberg be introducing ?

Any guesses ?

Happy New Year !

OK. My guesses :

  • Cubase 6.5 with 64-bit Rewire 2 support. and possibly some new cool features.

  • Nuendo 6 (maybe ?)

  • Some new sample libraries for Halion 4/Halion Sonic

  • Would love to see Steinberg release Halion Symphonic Orch. II, but I doubt it will be something ready to announce during Winter NAMM 2012.

Your guesses are welcome :smiley:


Isn’t it about time for Wavelab 8?

hopefully ARA support.

@samicide, some good, ballsy stuff you got on the ‘tube’ :slight_smile: !


hey thanks a lot Mauri!