Wired black line at the bottom of project window

Hi guys,

I hope this is not a silly question but I have experienced an “issue” with cubase since I bought it and it has started to annoy me. It seems that the project window its not long enough and at the very bottom there is the empty background, like dead space I can’t use. I am attaching a picture where you can see at the very end of the window, a black/dark grey space with nothing. I have seen many internet videos of cubase 8 and it is not happening in their windows. I wonder how to change it to “normal” so I am able to use the entire window and not having that grey space empty?

Many thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 20.33.23.png


Please, trash your Preferences folder.

Rather than immediately trashing prefs and losing all your settings you might want to try safe start mode which should tell you if this is going to fix the problem or not (safe start simply ignores preferences and starts with default settings)

Have seen various graphics issues in C8.x caused by a corrupted file during installation that is not part of prefs…uninstall/reinstall was the fix in these cases.