Wireless Connection is not visible in VST Connect Performer

As the name points out on VST Connect performer on my Laptop can not connect to the internet via WLAN which IS availible and running outside of VST Connect Performer… The only connection which seems to be availible is LAN. This happens with VST performer 5.02 and 4.0.45 . When installing and trying to use 4.0.45 I can see availible LAN networks (which is not the case with v5) But I don’t see any WLAN connection. When trying to connect to the VST connect pro ( or se (5.00.526) on remote PC I get the message " sorry, you can not connect within your local network. Make sure both sides use up to date version" on VST Connect Performer Machine. The thing is that VST Connect Performer Laptop is not connected to LAN at all. It seems to be a some IP or blocked port stuff. Please help.

VST Connect only works with LAN.

With WLAN/WiFi there is no low latency connection possible.

Is it so?

VST Connect SE doesn’t have any LAn support, so it must work via WiFi. Or does this refers only to the plug in, and VST Connect Performer Machine must be wired? Concening the latency, as I understand the latency is adjusted on both sides automatically. So the playback and the performance is alligned on both sides. There is an overall delay due to the connection but the playback and the performance are in sync .

hi @JBF

Yes VST connect works over WLAN :+1:
Sounds like it might be a firewall issue to me… are you on mac or windows ?

@Dr.Strangelove Thank you for your fast reply. I am on win 10 machine (64 Bit). With Microsoft’s own Firewall.

have a look in the firewall settings - it should have an entry - actually it will have entries for V4 and V5

The connections and port seem to be enabled. That’s how the firewall setting for the current WiFi connection looks like. I even enabled vst connect performer for private and public networks manualyy. Still doesn’t work.

reading your original post, I’m a little confused by how you have your networking setup and what exactly is failing.

Do you have a WiFI and a LAN connection active at the same time ? Performer doesn’t care how it connects to the internet - it just relies on the OS to provide a route.

ok it’s not… it should work with WiFi…

I was wrong… ;-(

Does it work with the wired connection? Or is there no connection to the internet available from the wired network?

I was testing how vst connect performer works in conjunction with vst connect plug in. (in order to explain the perfoemer what to do?) But now I get it. I can not test the connection between vst connect plug in on one machine and performer on other machine both PCs being in the same WiFi network - correct ?

If I understand it correctly this is possible with VST Connect Pro but not with SE

Correct - even thought they are on WiFI they are on the SAME subnet (?) so it count’s as being on the same LAN (local area network) - so this needs PRO

I would strongly recommend you test it before you hand it over to the performer as you need to play with it for a bit first.

Two options:

  1. Download the 30 day trial (which I can’t seem to find on the SB website ? maybe the don’t have one any more ?)
  2. tether a cell phone and connect the ‘performer’ to that